EPAL europallets, one way and custom pallets

company Padeklu Centras, EPAL National Committee, WCMA

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Important Dates

establishment of company Alsena
started trading in wooden pallets
starting own production of wooden pallets (europallets including)
implementation of heat treatment to the wood in accordance with IPPC standard ISPM-15 requirements
obtaining EPAL licence for europallet production
membership in EPAL association
membership in Wooden Containers Manufacturers Association (WCMA)

About us

Alsena is one of the leading wooden pallet manufacturers in the Baltic States. We assure high quality products to our customers who are leaders in their industries, e.g. FMCG (fast movable consumer goods), chemistry, furniture or food related industries etc. Alsena can provide full pallet service: manufacture new pallets, collect, sort out and repair broken used pallets. We have experience in wood packaging business for over 25 years and proudly can call ourselves packaging experts.

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